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Slow and Steady…

I’ve been retired since January, 2021 and finally got around to working on this website. I was bitten by the 3D Printing bug back in 2017 and after watching countless YouTube videos on the subject, bought my first printer in January of 2018.

In February, 2021, I signed up for an online class to help polish my 3D design skills. I primarily use Fusion 360, an excellent tool for CAD/CAM design developed by Autodesk. Autodesk is kind enough to let hobbyist users like me use the software for free. If you’re interested, you can visit Autodeck.com to check out the free version of Fusion 360.

You can learn more about the classes I’m taking at www.desktopmakes.com. The instructor, Vladimir Mariano, also has a YouTube channel where he shares Fusion 360 tips as well and short tutorials on designing models for 3D printing. If you’re interested in 3D printing or 3D design, I highly recommend you check out his channel! He has a great teaching style and the content is excellent. His content is as good or better than most and I hope his followers grow so he can continue to provide quality content for nerds like me. His self-paced online courses are really well done and a great way to learn (and remember) best practices for a complex program like Fusion 360.

I hope to continue to grow this site with tips and advice on a variety of topics.

Thanks for stopping by.

“This is a new day, a new beginning.”

-Ahsoka Tano, Star Wars Rebels

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